Walter Cruttenden
Walter Cruttenden is the founder of the Binary Research Institute (BRI); an archeoastronomy think tank focused on celestial knowledge of ancient civilizations, with an emphasis on precession mechanics. Based on this research Cruttenden has put forth the "Binary Model" to better explain the Precession of the Equinox, the little- understood, third motion of the Earth.

Cruttenden has had a life long interest in the science of archeoastronomy, mythology and esoteric teachings. Prior to founding BRI, he was in the investment banking business and one of the largest providers of IPO and private financing to science and technology companies in the under $100 million market cap range. He sold his banking interests to Fidelity and E*Trade and now devotes fulltime to BRI.

Geoff Patino
Geoff Patino is responsible for the creative aspects of the business. Geoff is an experienced producer and creative developer. Geoff founded and served as Creative Director of NetChemistry, a web development firm specializing in large-scale interactive sites ranging from the entertainment to financial services in industries. Before NetChemistry, Geoff served as a Web Design Consultant at E*Offering, and Art Director for Genesis Intermedia, where he developed interactive media systems for several international companies. Geoff currently sits on the board of directors for the Yogananda Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides grants to individuals and groups dedicated to the promotion of spiritual growth in modern society. He has earned a BA in Visual Arts Media from the University of California, San Diego.