The Bronze Age

Termed as the Electrical or Atomic age, it lasts for a total period of 2,400 years of the Daiva Yuga. This is the period when human intellect can then comprehend fine matter, subtle forces and their attributes, characterized by electrical and atomic-energy developments: the age of telegraphy, radio, airplanes, and other space-annihilators. In the descending period, moving away from the spiritual age there is less material development than in the ascending age where the materialistic influence is still strong. The ties to the prior cycle are slow to change. Thus at the beginning of the ascending Bronze age, man is still very materially oriented but beginning to discover subtle particles and forces and understanding more about energy on both a human and worldly level. It is a very exciting time of discovery but the biggest revelations are soon to be the realization our bodies are simply vehicles made of subtle energies operating in a very real matrix of energy and ideas.