The Silver Age

The Mental age as it is commonly referred to lasts for a period of 3600 years. During this period human intellect can comprehend the divine magnetism resulting in advanced human traits such as telepathic communication and perfect memory. Today we think writing is a sign of intelligence, and we believe the simple hieroglyphs evolved into more complex writing. The fact is they devolved into writing, as this is a skill that is superfluous in the higher ages when one can virtually remember and know all. Thankfully, our planet is soon to evolve so quickly that at our current level of awareness we can hardly comprehend our state of consciousness in just a few decades to come, not to mention in the next Yuga. Look back 150 years who could have guessed what it would be like in the year 2000? Not even Jules Verne saw the possibility of gigabit computing, wireless communication, or the hopeful and sometimes scary, possibilities of biotechnology. But most of the upcoming changes will be in consciousness and lifestyle. It is impossible to convey a knowledge of the next cycle to the masses in this cycle, but many highly conscious individuals will intuit its enormous possibilities.