At The Great Year, we study ancient mysteries and folklore as well as lost civilizations and their architectures in an effort to determine if ancient beliefs have a basis in modern science. We look for astronomical evidence or scientific studies that might support the ancient beliefs, and when confirmed, produce papers, films, books or specialized presentations to communicate our findings.

The aim of The Great Year is to investigate new theories related to human history and the rise of civilization. As a production company, The Great Year backs film and literary projects that explore the beliefs held by ancient civilizations and commonalities in the mythologies of cultures throughout the ancient world. Similarly, The Great Year looks to develop features that research the depth of scientific knowledge held by the people of ancient times, as indicated in their writings or by their architecture and other recovered artifacts, and draw comparisons to the body of knowledge that humankind holds today.

These films and books are driven by the idea that there is a great value to be gained from learning exactly how ancient societies throughout the world built and sustained themselves, how sophisticated they were, both in academic knowledge and technology and how they preserved their culture, both materially and spiritually.

The Great Year is dedicated to the exploration of theories that aim to expand our understanding of human history and knowledge, specifically in the fields of archaeoastronomy and ancient beliefs in grand cycles of time.